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5 Tips for Utilizing Feeding Westchester’s Mobile Food Pantry

People who are having a hard time putting food on the table have long depended on food pantries for assistance. In recent years, mobile pantries have been revolutionizing the way that hunger-relief agencies are able to help food-insecure people—enabling them to quickly bring healthy food directly to the communities that need it the most.

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How the Mobile Food Pantry Is Changing the World

Traditional food pantries have long been relied upon to serve communities, but in recent years, hunger-relief agencies have begun focusing their efforts on a more progressive food assistance tool: pantries on wheels. A mobile food pantry offers numerous benefits that a traditional food pantry does not. This modern means of getting food to the people who need it most has been gaining popularity and attracting the attention of nonprofit agencies and donors nationwide.

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Food Friday: Sweet Potato Chili

Here at Feeding Westchester, we’re all about making easy recipes using whole foods. Today, we’re back for Food Friday, featuring a plant-based recipe packed with fresh ingredients. Let’s get ready to make a hearty sweet potato chili!

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