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Align your business with our mission to make a direct impact on Westchester County as an official Feeding Westchester corporate partner.

Your company can support the fight against hunger with team-building projects, corporate donations, event sponsorships, and more. 

How will your company make an impact?

Corporate support is vital to our mission. Make a difference with Feeding Westchester today!

Learn more about employee giving and matching gifts here.

Volunteer with your organization

Engage your employees in purpose-driven activities. Strengthen your team dynamic — pack produce, shelf-stable food, or sort and repack — while giving back to your community and providing food for children, seniors, and families.

Inquire about corporate volunteer opportunities

Feeding Westchester is excited to welcome groups of up to 20 team members to pack at our distribution center in Elmsford. There is a $2,500 engagement fee requested for all group opportunities, which supports our mission to bring 20 million pounds of food to nourish our neighbors.

Click here to view our Corporate Pack flyer then complete the form below. To view photos from our corporate groups, click here.

We are also happy to offer custom projects at the location of your choice. Fees start at $3,500 and is dependent on the number of volunteers and number of hours.

For other ways to support, such as food drives and fundraisers, click here.

Interested in learning more? Fill out this form and we will connect with you.

Host a food drive or fundraiser

Corporate food drives and fundraisers make an immediate impact by providing food for those in need, and are great activities for corporate teambuilding.

Reach out if you’re interested in Cause Marketing opportunities.

Decide on your drive

Before you organize, decide what type of drive you’d like to host. Will you be collecting food, funds, or both? You can start your fundraiser here.

Select dates

Select dates to begin and end your food drive: Food drives can last however long you’d like, but we recommend running your drive for at least two weeks.


After you’ve decided on the type of food drive and have preselected the dates, you’re ready to register your food drive.

Donating food to Feeding Westchester

We are so grateful to accept non-perishable food items, whether individual donations or the result of a larger food drive.

Learn more about donating Help from Home meal bags here.

You are welcome to drop off your donations in the food collection bins located outside our Volunteer Entrance at: 200 Clearbrook Road, Elmsford, NY 10523. Donations can be dropped off Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

When looking for food to donate, please keep the following guidelines in mind: Non-perishable items only; no fresh produce, prepared foods, refrigerated, or frozen items.

Donation guidelines

  • No glass containers
  • No pre-opened items
  • No items past date printed on label
  • Look for labels that list the following:
    • Low sodium
    • No sugar added
    • Reduced sodium
    • Items marked “Lite”
    • No salt added
    • Unsweetened
    • 100% fruit juice

Support our events

Engage directly with our dedicated supporters by sponsoring or participating in one of Feeding Westchester’s signature events. 

Westchester’s top chefs and wine purveyors come together to show their support for Feeding Westchester in April. Guests are invited to enjoy an evening of exquisite cuisine, fine wine, craft beers and specialty cocktails, and have an opportunity to networking with Feeding Westchester supporters.

An Evening in Good Taste is Westchester’s tasting event not to be missed. All event proceeds remain in our community, helping to bring nutritious food to children, seniors and families who are hungry.

To view photos from our most recent event, please click here.

In May, local companies join together in the fight against hunger for Golden Scoop, a competition to pack the largest amount of food in the shortest amount of time. The winning team is awarded the Golden Scoop trophy.

This event helps distribute food to our network of feeding partners throughout the county. Participants also compete to raise the most funds for Feeding Westchester’s mission and take home the title of top fundraising team.

It is a great way for corporations to give back through volunteering while providing employees a unique and engaging team-building opportunity.

View this year’s event page here and check out the event photos here.

Donate your products or services

Your in-kind gifts help fuel our operation, and make it easier for us to serve our neighbors when they need us most. 

Making in-kind donations to Feeding Westchester

We are so grateful to accept your business’s non-cash gifts, including goods, services, time, and expertise.

In-kind donations help make room for us to more efficiently secure and distribute food and other resources necessary to help our community.

Food Recovery 

Feeding Westchester is proud to partner with local and national food donors including industry manufacturers, wholesalers, growers, packers distributors, supermarkets, and more!

We accept anything from cases to truckloads of perishable and non-perishable food prepared by licensed food operators and businesses.
How We Collect Donations
Feeding Westchester houses a fleet of refrigerated trucks and vans equipped to pick up donations of at least 500 pounds.  Donations must be organized and ready for pick-up as scheduled. You’ll receive receipts and annual reports tracking how many pounds you’ve donated.
Good for People — and the Planet
The food we safely recover doesn’t just change lives. It also saves food from becoming waste, diverting millions of pounds of good food from landfills where it would have released methane, a powerful greenhouse gas and leading contributor to climate change.

In partnership with Feeding New York state and the DEC, Feeding Westchester has been working to help educate and support local businesses and institutions on the New York State Food Donation and Food Scraps Recycling Law that took effect on January 1, 2022. Click here for the updated list of designated food scrap generators. If you have any questions or would like some additional guidance on the new law, please contact our Procurement Associate.

Food Safety and Liability
We take food safety very seriously. We follow standard food safety guidelines and train our staff and partner programs to ensure your food is delivered and distributed in safe condition. As a donor, you’re protected from liability by federal and state laws.

We host in-store trainings for you and your team to help minimize food waste and maximize donations.

How to Get Started

It’s easy to become a food donor! Call our Procurement Associate at 914.909.9622 or email kcicero@feedingwestchester.org.

We accept product that is safe for consumption, yet unsaleable for reasons including:
  • Close-to-code items
  • Out of code items with extended use-by dates
  • Perishable items
  • Surplus production
  • Unharvested or post-peak produce
  • Discontinued items
  • Shipping errors
  • Partial cases
  • Production flaws
  • Mislabeled items
  • Cosmetic damage to items
  • Packaging changes
  • Packaging errors
  • Promotional and seasonal items
  • Test product inventory

Meet our Retail Partners

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Corporate Partnerships

These companies are transforming lives by partnering with Feeding Westchester. 

Our partnering corporations and foundations have made a bold commitment to our community through grants and financial support, donations of food and other in-kind products, volunteerism, and employee matching gifts. Thank you! 

You can, too. Simply email us to speak about how you can support Feeding Westchester.

$100,000 and Up

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Together we feed for a better tomorrow

Your support helps stock the shelves of our neighbors struggling with hunger.
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Volunteer your time from home, at an event, or through other mission-driven opportunities.

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