Feeding Westchester

Volunteer your time in the fight against hunger

Volunteers are an integral part of feeding the community. Donate your time to pack food, raise funds, or help from home. You can provide food — and hope — to those who need it.

Ways you can help

Food, funds, your time, or voice — any action you take will deliver nourishing meals — and hope — to neighbors in need.

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Become a volunteer

Through the passionate support of volunteers we provide food for our neighbors.

Create an Account

First, create an account to register and sign up for volunteer opportunities.

Register for a Shift

After you’ve successfully created your volunteer account, you can view the calendar of volunteer opportunities that are scheduled for specific days and times—and register for any open shifts you’d like!

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Additional opportunities to give back

Community Service

Court-Ordered Time

Corporate Engagement

Volunteer with your organization

Engage your employees in purpose-driven activities. Strengthen your team dynamic—pack produce, shelf-stable food, or sort and repack—while giving back to your community and providing food for children, seniors, and families.

Inquire about corporate volunteer opportunities

While mindful of the community health landscape, we are happy to once again offer limited on-site and off-site corporate volunteer opportunities. Participate in a packing event at our Distribution Center, off-site, or at a Mobile Food Pantry.

Interested in learning more? Fill out this form and we will connect with you.

Third-Party Events and Promotions

Third-party events and promotions are fundraising events that schools, organizations, businesses, and other groups organize to help raise funds for Feeding Westchester.

Third-party events are implemented by outside organizations for the benefit of Feeding Westchester. The sponsoring organization must be respected in the community and one whose reputation will enhance Feeding Westchester’s public image.

To protect both the donating parties and Feeding Westchester, the following guidelines must be followed. We ask that our prospective donors read and understand these guidelines, prior to registering your promotion. Please submit your application by completing the form below.

  1. The sponsoring organization is responsible for all sales, marketing, promotion, and planning of the event.
  2. Staff and/or volunteers presence at an event is never guaranteed and is determined on a case by case basis and is usually related to revenue and exposure levels.
  3. Feeding Westchester will NOT supply any funding to finance a third-party event/promotion and will not be responsible for any debts incurred.
  4. Feeding Westchester reserves the right to deny any application for an event/promotion that does not complement the mission of, or project a positive image of Feeding Westchester.
  5. Hazardous events will not be considered.
  6. If only a portion of the proceeds will go directly to Feeding Westchester, the sponsorship organization must clearly disclose to purchasers, participants, etc. the approximate amount of dollars and/or percent of the proceeds that will go to Feeding Westchester.
  7. All publicity and/or promotional materials released to the mass media referencing Feeding Westchester’s involvement require advance approval from Feeding Westchester.
  8. Feeding Westchester does not share or sell its internal list of donors or supporters, nor do we solicit these contacts specifically for third-party promotions (including ticket sales, etc.).
  9. All checks from participants of third party events/promotions must be made out to Feeding Westchester in order to qualify as charitable contributions. Use of Feeding Westchester’s tax identification number also requires Feeding Westchester’s prior approval.
  10. Sponsoring organization must tender the percentage of net proceeds from the event to Feeding Westchester within thirty (30) days of the event.
  11. Feeding Westchester reserves the right to decide whether the event will be placed on Feeding Westchester’s website or included in other Feeding Westchester communications.
  12. The sponsoring organization agrees to indemnify, refund and hold Feeding Westchester harmless against and in respect of any and all claims, demands, losses, costs, expenses, obligations, liabilities, damages, recoveries and deficiencies, including interests, penalties, and reasonable attorney fees that shall be incurred or suffered by Feeding Westchester which arise, result from or related to the event/promotion, the sponsoring organization’s performance of its agreement as specified in these guidelines and the Third Party application form.
  13. Sponsoring organizations who donate food to Feeding Westchester will receive an in-kind contribution statement with the number of pounds collected/donated. Financial receipts with tax language and estimated values will not be provided for food donations.
  14. Sponsoring organizations that collect financial contributions to purchase food for Feeding Westchester will receive an in-kind contribution statement with the number of pounds collected/donated. Financial receipts with tax language and estimated values will not be provided to individual donors.
  15. At the completion of the event/promotion, all checks should be made payable to Feeding Westchester and mailed to:

    Feeding Westchester
    Attn: Development/Events
    200 Clearbrook Road
    Elmsford, NY 10523

    *Please note the name and date of your event/promotion in the memo or in an accompanying letter.


Submission process: Please allow 2-3 days for review. Once your application has been reviewed, you will be contacted via email. If you have questions, please contact:

Kaitlin Chieco
Senior Director, Corporate and Foundation

Hold a Third Party Event

To hold a third-party event/promotion, please submit the application below:

Event/Promotion Description

Event/Promotion Coordinator Information

Volunteer from anywhere

Make an impact by crafting Help from Home meal bags. These bags, filled with seasonal meals, are perfect to put together remotely at home, with your co-workers, or the local community group. 

Your time makes a tangible difference by putting food on the tables of your neighbors in need.

Together, we feed for a better tomorrow

Food, funds, your time, or voice—any action you take will deliver nourishing meals—and hope—to neighbors in need.

Your support helps stock the shelves of our neighbors struggling with hunger.
Find Help
Whether through a meal program or food pantry—find the help you need today.
Host a Food Drive
Draw on the community around you by hosting a food drive to help those in need.
Start a Fundraiser
Take collective action for your community—start your own fundraiser to help reduce hunger.

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