Feeding Westchester

Providing food — and hope

We have deeply-rooted relationships across the Westchester community — from community partners and meal programs, to manufacturers, farmers, and retailers who help us safely recover nutritious food to help our neighbors.

Food recovery is good for people and the planet

The food we safely recover doesn’t just change lives — it saves food from becoming waste, diverting millions of pounds from landfills.

Tackling hunger from all angles

Our programs are designed to address food insecurity when and where the need is greatest.

Across Westchester, we feed 80,000 children in need each month. Through partnerships with local schools, daycares, libraries, and other organizations children receive nutritious, kid-friendly, easy-to-prepare food, when otherwise they may go without.

Nutritious Food

Children are able to receive food through our child-feeding bags, school pantries, and our Mobile Food Pantry. Through these distributions, children and families are able to receive  nutritious food items that are right for them, and avoid any gaps in meals.


With the help of committed supporters like you, and the partnership of our dedicated community partners and meal programs, nearly 40 percent of the food we distribute is fresh fruits and vegetables.

Fresh Markets

Our Fresh Markets provide seasonal fruits and fresh vegetables directly to communities across Westchester.

Green Thumb

Green Thumb mobilizes devoted volunteers to pack bags full of fresh, seasonal produce for delivery to community partners and meal programs every week.

This specialized 26-foot refrigerated truck brings a “market on wheels” to underserved communities so that fresh, nutritious foods can be delivered directly to those who need it. View our Mobile Food Pantry Schedule here.

  • Mobility The Mobile Food  Pantry allows us to serve communities with the highest need — where residents do not necessarily have easy access to buy fresh meat, dairy, fruits, and vegetables. It also enables us to help neighborhoods where no direct service agencies operate.
  • Flexibility The Mobile Food Pantry schedule includes distributions in the late afternoon and on Saturdays, making it more convenient for working people to access fresh food.

For low-income families, eating healthy can be incredibly challenging. Many lack the time and tools to find and prepare healthy foods — or the cost of healthy groceries is simply out of reach. Our nutritionists offer resources, demonstrations, and education to inform and shape a lifetime of healthier eating, even on a limited budget.

Cooking and nutrition

The Just Say Yes to Fruits and Vegetables (JSY) program provides low-income families with practical, cost-effective tips for increasing fruit and vegetable consumption. Our licensed nutritionists work directly with our community partners and meal programs to provide hands-on nutrition education workshops, cooking demonstrations, USDA-approved recipes, and more. View our nutrition education videos.

Food safety

We work with our community partners and meal programs on food safety guidance to keep our neighbors healthy and safe, and the programs certified and compliant.

Feeding Westchester’s Nutrition Education program is partially funded through the generous support of the friends and family of Eve Hartman, in her memory. In her life, Eve was passionate about health, education, and nutrition. She was an active member of the Feeding Westchester community.

Our Senior Grocery Program encourages better health and promotes independent living for seniors and neighbors with disabilities by bringing fresh produce and other food directly to where they live or gather.

Feeding Westchester provides information to Westchester residents about the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, originally food stamps) and has a full-time coordinator who makes home visits to seniors and the disabled to assist them in the screening and application process.

For those who may already be overwhelmed by their circumstances, the assistance provided by Feeding Westchester makes it possible for them to preserve their dignity and independence. Besides helping to provide food dollars for SNAP beneficiaries, the program has additional benefits.

In places where SNAP enrollment has increased, it has become a means of local economic growth, bringing millions of dollars each year into the local economy. The money helps to sustain communities, grocery stores, and local food retailers.

You can use USDA’s MyPlate website to find Westchester stores that accept SNAP EBT near you. 

Through a combination of improved food access, targeted clinical care, and other community resources, RX Pantries help eliminate some of the barriers to improved health and well-being. The program is a collaborative project involving healthcare facilities including hospitals and clinics.

Your impact on your neighbors

“I love the Mobile Food Pantry. Today I get to take home two boxes of grapes for me and my little sister. We love eating them.
– Lucas, Westchester child

Who Supports Us?

Our individual supporters, community, corporate, and foundation partners are integral to alleviating hunger throughout Westchester. Through financial support, food donations, and grants, your support makes a direct impact within the community.

Our Programs

We are at the heart of a network that expertly sources and distributes food and resources to feed children, seniors, and families throughout Westchester.


Feeding Westchester is an independent, registered nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.

Together we feed for a better tomorrow

Your support helps stock the shelves of our neighbors struggling with hunger.
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