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How the Mobile Food Pantry Is Changing the World

Traditional food pantries have long been relied upon to serve communities, but in recent years, hunger-relief agencies have begun focusing their efforts on a more progressive food assistance tool: pantries on wheels. A mobile food pantry offers numerous benefits that a traditional food pantry does not. This modern means of getting food to the people who need it most has been gaining popularity and attracting the attention of nonprofit agencies and donors nationwide.

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Food Friday: Sweet Potato Chili

Here at Feeding Westchester, we’re all about making easy recipes using whole foods. Today, we’re back for Food Friday, featuring a plant-based recipe packed with fresh ingredients. Let’s get ready to make a hearty sweet potato chili!

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5 Facts About Hungry Children in America

Millions of Americans live in households that struggle against hunger, and food insecurity has no boundaries. Hunger impacts society’s most vulnerable members across the country, including children. As parents are forced to choose between feeding their children three meals a day and paying essential bills, such as rent and electricity, chronic hunger can have serious effects on a child’s health and development.

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How to Reduce Food Waste at Home

Let’s face it: Food waste is a massive problem around the world. But just how much food gets tossed, and what can we do about it? Today, we’ll explore food waste in America and discuss some of the small steps that each of us can take to reduce food waste at home.

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Food Friday: Easy Mexican Quinoa

Welcome back to our Food Friday recipe series! This week, we’re turning our attention toward quinoa—a protein- and fiber-packed superfood. This easy Mexican quinoa recipe can be made in 30 minutes, and it’s packed with veggies and nutrients.

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What Is SNAP and Are You Eligible?

Food is a basic need that millions of Americans struggle to afford. Oftentimes, people face hardships that could strike any of us, such as a family health emergency or an involuntary cutback in work hours, and could benefit from receiving some support to make ends meet.

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