Our greatest asset is our employees. A staff of more than 40 comes to work each day determined to end hunger in our community. Our mission drives everything we do. Every staff member plays a role in helping to provide food for hungry people. As we go about our daily work to advance this mission, we are guided by our core values.

We believe in the following internal values:

1. We act with urgency and passion because we know our mission is critical.
2. We treat each other with dignity and respect.
3. We are fully present, engaged, and responsive to one another.
4. We embrace, honest, candid, and direct conversation.
5. Our communication is timely, inclusive, and consistent.
6. We provide exceptional service to clients, community groups, donors, and colleagues.
7. We seek out input and counsel of internal and external stakeholders.
8. We are resilient and resourceful. We find creative solutions to big challenges.
9. We honor and support the decisions made by the group. We speak with a unified voice.