Hunger in Westchester

Who Is Hungry in Our Community?

You may be surprised to learn that children and adults from all walks of life go hungry, in every community across Westchester. Your neighbor, your child’s classmate, or even your coworker may struggle to get enough to eat.

Hunger is here right where we live. Although many in Westchester are wealthy, wages remain low and stagnant for the working poor. And with fixed expenses like rent and childcare on the rise, groceries are often the first line slashed in a household’s budget.

We’re Here to Change That

Feeding Westchester is at the heart of a network that expertly sources and distributes food and resources to feed people who are hungry in every town in Westchester, nourishing all who are in need.

Our impact is large. Working with nearly 300 local partners, we served between 260,000 and 300,000 people each month since April 2020. We distributed 20.4 million pounds, equal to 17 million meals, since the start of this year. Our collaboration with major retailers and corporations, and our expertise in food procurement, storage, and distribution, turns every monetary donation into fresh food for our community.

Our ambitions are large, too. We don’t just feed people. We also help people learn to shop, cook, and eat healthy on a limited budget, and we advocate for preservation and improvement of the public “safety net” programs that provide life-saving food to struggling families. With your help, no one in Westchester will go hungry.