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With the help of committed supporters like you, Feeding Westchester provides more than 3,000,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables. We are working to up-end what the New York Times has called “the hunger-obesity paradox” – when families in poverty rely on low-cost, empty calorie food that can lead to diet-related disease. We’re proud that today, fruits and vegetables make up nearly 40% of the food we distribute.

Feeding Westchester provides nourishing choices that support wellness, health and strength. We give more than 3 million pounds per year of fresh, nutritious produce like carrots, apples, berries and leafy greens to hungry families across Westchester.

of the food we distribute is fresh produce
Pounds of Fresh Produce Distributed Year to Date


Our Fresh Markets in Mount Vernon, Larchmont / Mamaroneck, New Rochelle, and Yonkers provide seasonal fruits and vegetables directly to clients. On market day, food deserts are transformed into vibrant sources of top-quality, fresh, colorful produce. Agencies and clients arrive to select from up to 10,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables – everything from apples and mangoes to spinach and zucchini!


Feeding Westchester’s Food Growing Program grows 12,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables at farm sites across Westchester. Our on-staff farmer works in partnership with 13 local organizations to farm land that provides the very freshest food to those who need it most.


Feeding Westchester’s Green Thumb program mobilizes devoted volunteers every week to pack bags full of fresh, seasonal produce for delivery to area agencies serving upwards of 1,500 households every week. Included in the bags are at least four types of vegetables and two types of fruits; from apples to squash to clementines and carrots. Each bag also includes nutritional information, storage instructions, and recipes written in both English and Spanish.


Our Senior Grocery program encourages better health and promotes independent living for seniors and neighbors with disabilities by bringing fresh produce, and other nutritious food directly to where they live or gather. Each bag includes a balance of nutritious foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy, and grains. Many of our participants are unable to visit our pantries because of low mobility, but they still have the desire and ability to prepare meals at home. They benefit greatly from the autonomy that comes with cooking and preparing their own meals with fresh groceries delivered to their home through our program.